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Current and Past Parents

Throughout its distinguished history, Wittenberg has actively engaged parents in the life of the university. As partners in ensuring the successful development of the students we serve, we are pleased that so many current and past parents continue to actively support the Wittenberg mission. Our sincerest thank you to these parents who actively support the Wittenberg experience for their students and students to come.

John'72 and Margaret Engelhardt Abbott'73
John and Barbara Abma
Clarence and JoAnn Albright
David and Diane Schwiger-Alexander
George and Teresa Allen
Roy'63 and Karin Anderson Allen'64
Janet'48 and Myrwin Anderson
William and Doris Andrews
Tammi'80 and Roger Angle
Theodore and Deborah Antil
Thomas'62 and Karen Graves Armstrong'63
Craig and Sarah Arnold
Patrick and Sharon Asher
Leanna Atchison
Joseph and Patricia Athy
John'70 and Gail Aughenbaugh
Richard and Cassandra Axtell
Rita Bacon
Robert'61 and M. Elizabeth Rilling Baer'61
David Baines'69
Rebecca'90 and Robert Baker
Norman'79 and Valerie Chakeres Baker'78
Christopher and Luann Baker
John'79 and Karen Mooney Ballinger'80
Roger and Susan Bamberger
Harold and Ruth Bamberger
David and Susan Klein
James'67 and Sherryl Baringer
James'54 and Edith Barnes Barkenquast'51
Robert'65 and Dawn Doerrer Barkman'65
Karla'72 and Thomas Barnes
Robert and Cheryl Barsan
Joyce Bassett
Donna'72 and Michael Bastian
Robert and Mary Bates
Wade and Elizabeth Battles
Jack and Charlyn Bauer
Brenda Baume
Stephen and Cathy Bazeley
Denis and Marianne Beausejour
John'71 and Rebecca Beckett
Mary'63 and Vinton Beckstrom
Allan'79 and Tracy Beebe
William Behrens'63
Lawrence and Pamela Bell
Michael and Natasha Bello
Irene Benne
Cynthia'76 and Stephen Bennett
George and Gloria Berry
Millard Berry
Paul and Rebecca Birner
Loyal Bishop'52
Holly'75 and Paul Blaine
Richard'58 and Gertrude Roller Blake'54
Robert and Dorothy Blakey
Kenneth'62 and Beverly Slauson Block'63
Kevin and Deborah Boatright
Richard and Judith Boerner
Mark'70 and Cheryl Bogen
Julia Bogner
William and Ann Bonar
John and Maureen Bonham
Charles'73 and Rosemary Fellers Boomhower'71
Daniel Borders
Kermit and Mary Bostelman
Thomas and Susan Boucher
Leonard and Patricia Bradley
Bradley and Suzanne Brandt
F. Herbert'61 and Martha Ervin Brantlinger'61
Harry and Vivian Brewer
Joyce Brick
Julie'80 and Charles Britton
Robert and Janet Broge
Linda'68 and Paul Brouard
Charles'55 and Susan Lemen Brougher'57
E. Leonard and Lottie Brown
Peter and Marilyn Brown
Paul and Karen Brown
Sheila and Clifford Brown
Karen'71 and James Brown
Anthony and Elizabeth Brym
David and Sue Buchan
Stephen and Denise Bucheit
Stephen'70 and Vicki Anderson Buchenroth
Robert'71 and Judy Copenhaver Buchholtz
Alfred'53 and Carol Rieder Buehner
Jeffrey'74 and Ann Crihfield Burkam'74
Wendy Burkitt
Michael and Mary White Burns
Susan '74 and Gary Burns
Kathleen Burns
John and Kristina Agle Burow
Joseph and Molly Busam
Donald and Margaret Busarow
David and Lila Bush
Patricia Butts
Kevin and Margaret Bynane
Thomas and Roberta Cable
Louis Cancasci
Joseph and Susan Capelli
Virginia Carlisle'54
Flora Carothers
Vivian Carter'52
Donald and Kathryn Catalfu
Leonard'70 and Mary Everson Chase'72
Balwir and Gurmeet Cheema
Clifford'52 and Karen Chubb
Michelle Cinlemis'81
Joseph and Lauren Holm
John and Lauren Moltz
Michael and Ellen Clowes
Mark and Mary Coad
Carl'77 and Deborah Burton Coburn'78
Robert and Susan Cocking
Owen and Nancy Cohagan
Robert and Barbara Colaner
Connie Coleman
Blaine'68 and Judy Sonnanstine Coleman'68
Steven'77 and Annette Panning Collier
John'75 and Laurie Lesher Collier'75
Glenn and Ann Collier
David and Marjorie Comstock
John Connor
Thomas'62 and Patricia Brough Conrad'62
Elizabeth Conway'68
Roger'57 and Julie Flint Cooper
Thomas and Elizabeth Cooper
Warren and Clara Copeland
Jeffrey and Mara Cowgill
William'45 and Martha Chilcote Cox'45
Brian'76 and Robin Williams Critchell'75
Albert and Sharon Croci
James and Linda Crosby
Lennette Cross'57
John'65 and Donna Skaggs Crossman'65
Virginia'54 and William Crowl
Carolyn'69 and Ronald Cull
William and Kathleen Cullen
G. Duane'49 and Barbara Wolfe Culler'49
Raymond and Nancy Dacek
Gail'60 and Leo Dailey
Richard and Martha Dale
Joan'52 and W. Gordon Dallas
Lowell'56 and Arlene Dallman
Megan'79 and James Daniels
John and Patricia Daunt
Susan'69 and John Davis
George and Jean Shattuck Davis
Gregory and Lynn Davis
Tony and Deanna Davis
James'75 and Anne Davies Davis'76
Kerry Dawley'82
Debra'80 and Steven Dawson
Susan Day'63
Robin and Geri DeBell
Charles and Margaret DeButy
Ronald and Violet deLanglade
Ralph and Marilyn Dees Denisco
Robert and Donna Dennett
James and Patricia Denson
Fernando and Kimberly DeOliveira
Matthew and Martha Derrenberger
Craig and Joanne Deutschendorf
* William Diehl
Ruby Diehl
Daniel'78 and Dwacka Devi Dillon
Evan and Kathleen Dixon
Richard and Janet Doerfler
Tab and Betty Dolder
Nancy'74 and Charles Dominick
David and Susan Donofrio
Kenneth and Shirley Doolittle
Michael'74 and Martha Culler Dourson'74
William'67 and Karen McConnell Downing'68
Elizabeth'76 and Lawrence Draper
Jack and Lois Duffy
David'78 and Carolyn Dale Dunkin'79
James'68 and Karen Dunn
John and Patricia Durbin
John and Beverly Dutro
Jolene'71 and James Dyer
Ralph and Julie Dynek
* Eugene Ebeling
Charles and Connie Eberle
Lynn'63 and Charlotte Ebersole
Lucinda'64 and William Edwards
Terry and M. Gayle Egan
Edwin'51 and Jane Bills Ehlers'52
Erhard and Amy Eimer
Donald and Judith Ely
William'54 and Karen Zawacki Emery
David and Teresa Esterkamp
Robert and Susan Esty
John'46 and Mary Smeltz
Wanda Evans'55
Donald and Jean Evans
Thomas'50 and Bernice Young Evans'54
Richard and Roslyn Evans
Edward'58 and Linda Mowrey Everhart'59
J. Arthur and Trudy Faber
Kenneth and Elaine Fahlman
James'69 and Elizabeth Fahrbach
Janet'72 and Paul Falcone
Donald'57 and Leola Long Fanning
Harry Faulkner
Robert and Betty Feathers
Mary Anne Felker '55 and Bruce Thon
Eugene'48 and Marjorie Sheriff Fellmeth'48
Kenneth and Maryjean Ferrari
Henry and Nanci Feuer
Jim and Jo Ellen Fiebiger
Harold Figley'49
Gail'76 and Stephen Finn
John'61 and Janet Baden Finney'61
Larry'63 and Diane Firestine
Wayne and Susan Fischer
John and John Fisher
James'60 and Barbara McDonel
Robert'74 and Elizabeth Davies Fisher
William'64 and Terri Fisher
Janice Fisher'64
Thomas and Irene Fleming
Wayne and Susan Flesch
Ruth Flesner'40
William and Denise Flickinger
J.Patrick '59 and Martha Hiltbrand Flynn'60
Omar and Phyllis Fonseca
Steven and Helen Fout
Harry'66 and Pamela Fox
Curtis'66 and Sally Clarke Frank
Virginia Franta'36
William'72 and Katherine Netschke Franz'73
Carlton and June Franzen
Richard'53 and Sally Frazier
Wesley and Tomomi Freeburg
Ralph and Dixie French
Andrew and Judith Frey
Floyd and Micheline Fried
Earl and Pauline Fritz
Gary and Jennifer Frizzell
Terrence and Susan Gallagher
Donn'74 and Betty McNeese Gallatin'76
James'56 and Norma Mack Garberich'55
David'57 and B. Joanne Garrety
Carl and Martha Gartner
Martha Gates
Charles and Laurie Geiger
Robert'63 and Brenda Mansfield Gerbick'64
Firooz and Fetneh Ghavami
* Lillian Gillhouse'49
Steve and Mary Gilliam
Joan Gingrich
Michael and Jan Gipson
Martin and Tamera Glazier
William'54 and Carol Goettman
S. Judith Goff'61
Penny Golightley
Howard Gongwer'49
Mary Good'49
C. Jeffrey and Juliet Gorsuch
Marguerite Gosewisch'44
Edith'53 and John Gossard
Jeffrey and Laura Gould
David and Jane Grandstaff
Ronald and Sharon Greaves
Michael and Sharon Green
Jeffrey'64 and Charlotte Steffey Greenfelder'64
T. Stephen and Lisa Warburton Gregory
Edwin and Marjorie Griffin
C. Drew'82 and Jennifer Hall Griffith'82
Shirley Grimes'49
Marjorie'50 and Ralph Grimes
Carol Groman'61
Martha'84 and Richard Grumbley
Evelyn'52 and Alex Guebert
William and Janell Gurney
Ronald and Cookie Sawyer Hageman
Susan'57 and Thomas Hagen
David'75 and Debra Hall
Jackson'51 and Arlene Rhodes Hall'50
Michael and Susan Hampp
John and Suzanne Handel
Peggy and Jim Hanna
Mark and Barbara Hanners
Eric and Lisa Harned
David and Norma Harnick
Allan and Elizabeth Harrington
Robert and Kathleen Harris
Brenda Hart
Joseph and Susan Hartenstein
Bruce'61 and Kristi Kaushagen Hathaway'69
David'63 and Suzanne Schwinn Hathaway'63
E. Robert'51 and Marilyn Johnson Hawken'51
Thomas and Francine Hayden
L. Stephen and Karen Hayes
Jan Hayes
Harvey Heath'53
* Margaret Heckathorn
James and Bonita Heeg
William'62 and Marla Wise Heideloff'62
Rebecca Heikkinen'74
James'60 and Marilyn Heinz Heil'61
Thomas Heil'67
David'69 and Julia Harner Helm'68
Shirley'59 and Robert Henderson
Timothy and Elizabeth Lynch
Charles and Susan Henderson
Richard'62 and Barbara Erf Henderson'61
E. Ray and Robin Henrickson Ferree'76
James'75 and Jennifer Bauer Henson'76
Ruth Hermiller
Donald'51 and Shirley Hertler
David'77 and Nancy Beitman Hertzog'77
Paul and Linda Hess
Lois Hesse'38
Susan Heydenreich'63
Pamela Heydt
Sherman Hicks'68
Austin Hildebrandt
Donald'61 and Martha Burckle Hillerich'95
Linda Himes'66
David'66 and Kimerly Bond Hinkelman'75
Daniel and Gail Morris Hinkle
Lisa Hinkle
Stephen'67 and Carol Root Hirt
Clark Hobby
Glenn and Debra Hochstetler
C. Philip Hodson
Arthur'66 and Linda Gratz Holman
Martha Horner'45
Richard and Sandra Horsman
Charles Hosket and Alicia Caulfield
Robert'56 and Esther Houy
Douglas and Mccallum Hoyt
Samuel and Mary Hulett
Peter and Amy Humphrey
Paul'51 and Mabel Fruchtnicht Hunteman
Richard and Barbara Huntoon
Jack and Sandra Hurtt
Richard and Judith Hyde
Robert and Laura Hysjulien
Donald Imel
Sheryl'73 and Russ Ingraham
Paul'67 and Grace Milligan Ingwalson'67
Gregory and Cathy Jackson
Rebecca'75 and Ronald Jackson
Thomas and Cynthia James
Ronald'69 and Mary Ann Janke
Michael and Sharon Jenks
Richard and D. Jane Johnson
O. Franklin Johnson'51
Kathleen Johnson
Gary'68 and Krista Kassner Johnson
Charles'74 and Rhonda Jones
Richard and Polly Jones
Eric'64 and Linda Koeckert Joy'63
Martha'59 and Robert Junkin
Donald'43 and Barbara Lance Kaiser
Al and Cynthia Kares
Timothy and Joanne Karg
Charles Katze
Paul'60 and Barbara Petersen Kehnle'61
Janet Keister'55
Gerald'61 and Janet Zucker Keller
Ronald'70 and Susan Alquist Keller'68
Robert'54 and Gloria Albright Kelly'56
Walter'49 and Carol Elliott Kendig'49
Lawrence and Marcia Kenney
Edward and Hazel Kenney
John'55 and Carolyn Beard Kenworthy'52
Debra'73 and Robert Keppel
Daniel and Carole Kerber
J. William'53 and Jean Kerrick
Frank and Margie Kinn
William'54 and Lenore Morris Kinnison'59
Darrell'77 and Michelle Moody Kitchen
Patricia'84 and Michael Kittles
George and Susan Klein
Maryann'49 and Edward Klenke
William and Patricia Klopfer
Arnold'69 and Carol Kaushagen Klukas'71
Timothy and Elizabeth Lyons
John'65 and Mary Kmet
Michael'76 and Lisa Heatherington Knall'76
Arthur and Hope Knape
Mark and Marcia Knapke
Jack Knapp
Quentin and Mary Knauer
Anne Knilans
Craig Knowle
Gail'67 and Gary Knutsen
Dannial and Connie Koppenhafer
C. Douglas'69 and Janet Burson Kottke'68
Vlassis and Susan Koukis
Victor'42 and Virginia Simenville Kowalczyk
Robert and Katherine Kretschmann
Roger and Barbara Krohn
Herbert and Judith Krueger
David and Lynn Kuhar
Diana Kunde'61
Dorothea Kurth'33
Charles and Linda Rhoads Kurtz
Ralph'61 and Carol Zigler Kusserow'59
John and Deirdre Kvartunas
Margaret Kvetko'67
J. Kenneth and Susan Laber
Scott'85 and Lynn Langston
Eric and Valarie Larkin
Jane'61 and Bill Fullarton
Louis and Ann Laux
James and Linda Leahy
Nancy'58 and Frank Lee
William'75 and Rebecca Leister
Thomas'63 and Martha Kantonen Lentz'68
Frank and Carol Leonard
David and Beth Levy
Milton and Wilma Sloan Lewis
Richard and Kathy Lewis
James'53 and Naomi Evans Liggett
Thomas'80 and Cinthia Lillard
Cheryl'71 and Loyal Lindeman
John and Cheryl Linkhart
Richard'60 and Laura Novosel Little
Betty Lockwood'61
Thomas and Mary Loftis
Carl Loney
Mark and Linda Looney
Michael and Margaret Lord
Laverne and Margaret Lovell
Sallie Lumadue'47
David'69 and Cheryl Mueller Lundgren'69
Ingrid Lundquist'78 and David Carson
John and Kimberly Lux
Robert Lyren'64
Marilyn Lyren'63
Douglas and Sally MacGilpin
Karen'68 and Philip Magley
Nancy Malone'59
Jim and Bonnie Mandich
Linda Manoloff'61
Helen March'60
David'59 and Margery Nimmer Markowich'59
Donald and Anita Martukovich
Mark and Kimberly Mason
James and Amy Matesich
David'60 and Carol Kester Matevia
Vincent and Margaret Matheson
Larry'65 and Nancy Hall Matthews'66
Kathy and Wayne Maurer
Nicholas'63 and Sandra Mays
J. Robert McClaran'43
George and Amy McClure
Timothy and Barbara McCombs
* William McComis
June McComis
Beverly'66 and David McCormick
Marjorie McDaniel'52
Dale'52 and Hattie Lengler McDonald
James'58 and Evangeline Parker McDorman'59
Robert and Eloise McDowell
Jerold'58 and Rita Charlton McFarland'60
William and Andrea McGovern
Gary and Janet McGugin
Philip and Kathy McHugh
Jane'67 and Kenneth McKinley
Tony and Teri McKinniss
David and Lynn McLaughlin
Robert and Susan Means
John and Ann Meier'69
Ronald and Jeri Mellgren
George'62 and Martha Mercer
Robert'76 and Vicki Merzweiler
C. Randall and Cynthia Metzger
Donald'87 and Gail Schlossman Mewhort'86
Janice'55 and L. Joe Meyer
Andrew and Minda Meyer
Paul Miller
James and Donna Miller
John'60 and Nancy Tusel Miller'59
Jerry'57 and Margaret Setter Miller'59
Marilyn Minette
David and Gwen Mitchell
Sanford'64 and Judith Weber Mitchell'64
Mark and Catherine Mitchell
James Moler
Patricia Moll'49
James and Donna Momsen
Betsy'67 and Larry Moore
Samuel'75 and Laurie Moore
Kathy'70 and Gary Moore
Douglas'76 and Susan Abshier Moore
Kevin and Amy Pritts
Michael Morin
Lawrence'76 and Linda Morrison
Larry and Lizabeth Morton
Sharon Moser
Daniel Mulholland
Gordon and Vicki Muller
Terry and Joyce Mumaw
Judith Murch
Keith'76 and Barbara Mossbarger Murgatroyd'77
Patrick and Barbara Murphy
Rufus'52 and Penelope Murphy
Rhonda Murray
Thomas and Melanie Murray
Virginia'57 and George Myer
Robert and Trudi Myers
Leonard and Sharon Myers
Donald Myrom'62
Timothy and Marybeth Kolz Neal
Doris Nell
Elbert and Agnes Blodean Nelson
Robert'63 and Lynn Noble Ness'64
Robert and Barbara Nevin
Nancy'73 and Eugene Nevius
* John Newlin'42
Michael and Mary Nichols
Joseph and Beth Niemeyer
Raymond and Caroline O'Connell
Ruthann and Christopher Norman
Timothy'84 and Melissa Oakley
Gary'70 and Roseanne Oatey
Thomas and Adrainne O'Connor
Thomas and Nancy O'Connor
Milton'58 and Martha Diehm Ogden'59
Mario and Gina Onorini
R. Warren and Lois Opel
Frank and Susan Ostrander
Nanette Overly
Bert and Linda Springer
Jeffrey'72 and Jeanne Lemin Palker
Dale and Terry Parker
Karl'79 and Elizabeth Rowe Parker'79
Roger'73 and Barbara Parker
Paul and Rita Parlato
Don Pauley
Terri and Tom Paulsen
Stacey'73 and Julia Pavlatos
Carey'90 and Mary Hays Payton'78
Octavian'67 and Kristen Eigenbrot Pechar'67
Alan and Marilyn Pedersen
Lowell and Carol Pederson
Thomas Pepper
Sally'65 and Benjamin Perks
Lehan'03 and Rick Peters
Harvey'56 and RuthAnn Weng Peters'55
George and Janice Peters
Michael'81 and Jan Jacobsen Petrik'80
Robert and Louise Petro
Stephen and Elizabeth Pettit
Robert and Marilyn Pfotenhauer
Suzanne Pierce'54
Robert and Linda Pierson
Wayne Pittenger'50
Ray and Doris Plant
Jo and Gary Potts
Frank and Melanie Poturica
George and Magdalene Pousoulides
Douglas Powell'68
Richard Powell'45
Margery Prakel'53
Robert'72 and Catherine Pratt
James and Marla Preisch
Marycarol Pretorius'54
Ruth Price'62
Walton Prueter'42
Clayton and Sharon Purdy
James'50 and Shirley Oswald Putnam'51
Marian Pye'73
Robert and Joan Rafferty
George and Geraldine Ramsay
Robert Ratchford'66
Karin'60 and David Rathbun
Jean Rea'73
George'54 and Janice Sampson Reash'54
Jorunn Recalt
Bradley'78 and Faith Guebert Rechel
Donald and Lynn Reed
Ronald and Maryann Reichley
Joseph and Linda Remington
David and Kathryn Rentz
Richard and Judith Resetar
Richard and Judith Matteson Reynolds
Robert'79 and Necola Yoder Reynolds
Lynne'59 and Richard Rice
Richard and Sharen Rice
P. Janelle Richards'61
Richard'57 and Winifred Risner
Betty Ritchie'49
Gerald and Ellen Roberson
Obie and Susie Roberts
M. Kathleen Roberts'66
Stephanie Rodelander'69
Susan Rogers
Robert Rolland
Francis'57 and Elaine Roller
Marcia'62 and James Rose
Jon'73 and Pamela Cheney Rose'73
Elliot Rosen'77 and Sharon Cohen
David Roush'54
Leslie'67 and Dorothy Wenzlawski Routson'67
Dianne Rozek
Lawrence'47 and Patsy Spriggs Rugh
Robert and Mary Rumschlag
David and Marcia Runkel
Donald and Patricia Rupert
Sachio and Esther Saito
Edward and Christy Saling
Jill Sampson
Mark and Rhonda Sandridge
John and Susan Beals Sargent
Frank and Gloria Sarr
Kenneth'52 and Betty Wallick Sauer'52
Thomas'57 and Sue Gutermuth Sauerman'59
Mark and Susan Scaia
Philip and Cheryl Schaafsma
Elizabeth Schaffer'48
David'49 and Bonnie Huprich Scharf'47
John and Beverly Schatzlein
Kenneth and Gwendolyn Scheffel
David Scheinberg and Grace Minamoto
Susan'73 and Leonard Schenz
Ray Scherer'61
Max and Beverly Schlatter
John and Phyllis Schleicher
Jerry'56 and Carol Walthall Schmalenberger'58
Stanley'47 and Libby Schmucker
Steve and Loren Schramm
Clifford'49 and Emma Cocklin Schreck'51
Janet Schreiber'56
George and Susan Schreiber
Sally and Charles Schreiber
Thomas'83 and Janiece London Schubert'84
Daniel and Nancy Schubert
Susan Schwind
Leamon and Suzanne Scott
John'60 and Nancy Getzendiner Seng'63
Raymond'59 and Rosalie Bacome Serocka'60
John and Kay Serratelli
Horace Sewell
Delphin'57 and Marilyn Kohlhaas Shannon'58
Stuart'59 and Ellen Badger Shanor
Robert and Yvonne Shapiro Mazo
Edgar and Jeannette Shawen
Kathleen Sheehy
Dorothea Shepherd'82
Joseph and Sachiko Shewmon
Hal'56 and Diane Riley Shields
Dale and Nancy Short
Kenneth and Dorothy Shuman
Pamela Sicken
Mark and Laura Siemon
Kathleen Sisson
Annabelle'54 and Richard Sitler
Sonja Sittason'63
Elizabeth Skalla
Robert and Carolyn Slavin
Lisle and Paula Smith
Marlena Smith'66
Anne'66 and Michael Smith
Timothy Smith
Thomas and Joan Smith
Mark and Debbie Smith
John Snyder'62
Scott and Laura Snyder
Lawrence'65 and Christine Southam
Joseph and Kathleen Spain
Vernon'59 and Barbara Sponseller
Gary and Terri Spring
Virginia Stackel
Glen'61 and Ruth Dreyer Stadler'88
Harlow'79 and Karen Hunt Stahl
Joseph and Linda Staneck
Cynthia Staudt'70
Dennis'69 and Jennifer Staver
Karen'69 and Steven Stefanik
Margo'74 and Michael Steinbaugh
Alan and Stacey Steinberg
Howard'67 and Jeannine Smith Stephan'68
Cynthia Stevenson
Richard'66 and Dawn Cartee Stewart'68
Russell Stewart'55
Alan'69 and Pamela Jackson Stewart'69
Walter'63 and Elizabeth Bailey Stitt
Lee'84 and Doris Sullivan Stockhaus'85
Lowell Stockstill
Debra'73 and Martin Stone
Timothy and Kathleen Stonecash
Robert and Jean Stoner
John and Elizabeth Stough
Scott and Linda Stoverock
John and Mary Strine
Thomas and Joan Stroeh
* Virginia Stroup'51
Irma Studer'49
Donley and Susan Studlar
Charles'58 and Judith Flook Sturtz'59
Gregory and Sharon Sullivan
Thomas and Carrie Summe
Edward and Helen Sunoo
James and Susan Swank
April'83 and Mark Sweeney
Michael and Melody Swift
John and Elaine Swyers
Donald and Frances Sykes
Deron Tagg
Barbara'63 and Alan Taylor
Peter and Mary Taylor
H.Eugene '64 and Judith Brooks Templar'65
Harold'66 and Karen Theis
Russell and Ruth Thelin
Thomas and M. Ann Thibault
Jennings and Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas'54
Amos and Maxine Thompson
James'71 and Veronica Thrasher
* Arnold Tiemeyer'59
Elizabeth Tiemeyer'59
Kenneth and Elizabeth Lane Tietgen
James and Otero Tinker
Nha'82 and Tuyet To
A. Joseph Torsell
Cynthia Torsell
Marcus and Deborah Tower
Michael and Veronica Trainer
George'44 and Ruth Trent
Richard and Cynthia Tuck
Benjamin and Judith Turner
Kathryn Uebelhart'68
John'59 and Jean Uhle
Martin J. Uhle'85 and Laura Uhle
James and Larue Unglaube
Andrew and Ruth Urban
Sherry Valenti
Fred Van Der Meulen
Barbara VanBuren'60
Robert'58 and Barbara Hein VanKleunen'62
Gloria Veeder
Michael and Mary Vehonsky
Ann'82 and James Venable
George and Kim Vincent
Howard and Cynthia Vogt
Janet Wade'62
Mark and Joann Wainwright
Ernest and Dianne Walker
James'69 and Jill Graves Wallace'67
Bob and Marie Walsh
Marcia'68 and Gregory Ward
Harold'64 and Alinda Dickinson Wasner'67
Neil Watko'76
Alan'81 and Lisa Watson
Winston and Jean Wayne
Mark and Lisa Weadick
Paul'42 and Helen Williams Weaver'43
Ruth Weible
Karl'58 and Karen Eickhoff Weick'58
Robert'62 and Emmalou Ackerman Weidner'55
Robert and Marilyn Welker
Charles'70 and Eva Weller
George and Lynne Wentz
Richard'50 and Wilma Maurer Werstler'48
Phyllis Wertime
Rita Whip
Barbara White'66
John'65 and Sandra Goodelle White'65
Andrew'54 and Miriam Recker White'53
Randall'69 and Ann Larson White'69
Richard'77 and Christene White
Charles'72 and Leigh Wigton
Richard'68 and Shyla Jones Wilcox'68
Charles Wilcox'42
* Mary Wilcox'42
Tad and Suzanne Wilcox
Todd'82 and Mary Williams
Jack'74 and Susan Miller Williams
Herbert and Susan Wilson
Frank and Annette Wilton
Marcia'63 and John Wing
George Winkhouse'50
Edward'59 and Ruth Winkler
Phillips'79 and Janet Lovelace Winter
Elizabeth Winters'54
Glenn'39 and Mary Dickey Wise'38
Harry'37 and Ruthanna Zeller Wise'37
Kenneth'79 and Diana Wargo Wise'80
John and Carolyn Wiseman
Ronald and Yvonne Witmer
Richard'48 and Janice Sowers Wittig'46
Douglas Wittig'72 and Beverly Trout'76
Gayle Wolfe
Chester and Ruth Wolfe
Philip'77 and Deborah Rasch Wollaeger'77
Barbara'62 and Ian Woodburn
James and Benita Woodfeard Woodgeard
Ronald'69 and Wendy Miller Woods'71
Wayne and Holly Wright
Raymond and Karin Wright
Richard'68 and Margaret Pyle Wuerth'68
Leslie'48 and Betty Jones Yeager'47
Joseph and Peggy Barnum Yednock
Dennis'65 and Marian Vanlieshoud Young
Roland and Dona Young
Dianne'69 and Ronald Young
Howard Young'39
Hans'53 and Kathryn Mallett Zbinden'53
Gerald and Nancy Zelenka
David and Lynette Zeller
Jody Zerkle
Karl and Linda Ziegler
William and Patricia Zilli
Ervin'64 and Connie Swartz Zitlow'64
John'77 and Margaret Ingersoll Zitzner'77
William and Marisa Zoeller

* Indicates the person is deceased