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Alumni Recognition Award Program

Alumni Recognition Award Program

As alumni, you do a phenomenal job of spreading the word about Wittenberg to potential Wittenberg students and their families.  As a token of our thanks for your efforts and to encourage your continued good will, the Admission Office invites you to participate in the Alumni Recognition Award Program.  At Wittenberg, we invest in our students and their futures by offering scholarships and grants to every deserving student, annually awarding over $30 million in institutional aid.

We would like to utilize your role as alumni to assist us in identifying strong, deserving prospective students.  Here is how you can help: if you know a rising high school senior, high school class of 2014 (Wittenberg Class of 2018) who would be a great asset to the Wittenberg community, nominate him or her by clicking on the link below.

Alumni Recognition Award Program Nomination Form

Nominations need to be submitted by January 1, 2014, and students must apply and be accepted by Jan. 15, 2014.  Each student nominated and accepted for admission will receive one Alumni Recognition Award of $1,000 per year for four years because of you.

If the nominated student's e-mail address is provided, a scholarship notification will be e-mailed to that student.  The student will then receive the scholarship award upon acceptance.  Each alumni of Wittenberg can nominate a maximum of two current high school seniors per year.  You are able to nominate your own children, grandchildren, or other relatives.

Any further questions? Call 937-327-6374 or e-mail

Working in a collaborative effort to bring the best to Wittenberg,
-The Offices of Admission and Alumni Relations